Plan A Wedding in Cook Islands

A beach wedding designed exclusively for you is what makes your special day more memorable. Imagine walking at the ocean’s edge enjoying the natural beauty, breathtaking sceneries, timeless artistic charm of beach hotels, and warm people around you—this will instantly convert your wedding into a magical moment.

If you’re planning a destination wedding, I bet a beach wedding should be on top of your list. To that effect, it would be best if you had a wedding destination that allows you to take advantage of local wedding planners.

That is precisely what you get when you plan a wedding in the Cook Islands. Many of the locals have excellent event planning skills that will guarantee your big day is smooth and memorable. You will get access to experts who’ll take care of preparing your beach wedding reception, your makeup, photography, and so on.

This article will shed more light on what to expect if you choose to celebrate your union in Cook Islands.

Ceremonies and Receptions

If you choose a destination wedding, the idea is to have your ceremony at a picturesque location. The Cook Islands have many options for you to choose from depending on your preference. If you fancy walking barefoot on a sandy beach, it is the perfect wedding destination for you.

The best thing about the Cook Islands is that there are so many beach wedding reception packages to choose from. Whatever your budget or style is, you’re bound to find something that perfectly fits your needs.

Remember, wedding ceremonies are also about ensuring your guests have the best time. That is why working with a local event planning team is a good idea. Whether you want a grand ceremony or an intimate wedding, the Cook Islands will offer you the perfect location to create memories.

You can decide to mark this big day with a carefree reception or choose to go for an elegant resort. It all depends on your budget and the vision you want to actualize.

You get the opportunity to interact with locals as you source professionals for your wedding. Cook Islands locals are quite friendly, and they’ll ensure you remember your special day for many seasons to come.

We recommend an all-inclusive destination wedding package that gives you a variety to choose from and access to all the professional event planning services you need.

Ways to Get Married in the Cook Islands


This is definitely at the top of the list for many couples because when you think of a grand wedding on an island, the first thing that comes to mind is the beach. The beach as a wedding destination is excellent because you get to be surrounded by coconut palms, a beautiful coastline, and white sands. If you’re having your wedding in one of many Cook Islands, you and your guests will enjoy a scenic backdrop of the Jurassic mountains. What better way to make your special day picture-perfect than to have a tangle of green trees in the vicinity?


Who said you could not have a garden wedding on an island? If this is what you want, then you should go for it. Garden weddings are actually very popular among couples because they make your day picture-perfect. Imagine being surrounded by tropical flowers and endless greenery. There are many botanic gardens on the Cook Islands you can use as your wedding venue.


The poolside is perfect for a laidback and intimate ceremony. There are quite a number of resorts to choose from if this is what you’re going for. Not everyone is a beach person, after all. The beauty of a poolside wedding lies in its simplicity.


Do you want to escape to a secret island with the love of your life? If so then the Cook Islands are the perfect place. You can go on a cruise and bathe in the exquisite beauty of unending greenery and picturesque lagoons. If you want to take your vows with flower petals scattered on the ground, this dream can come true on the Cook Islands.


If you want a church wedding, there are so many chapels dotted around Cook Islands to make this dream come true. Many brides dream of walking down an aisle in a church full of friends and family. There are several churches with unique feels to choose from. Whether you want a whitewashed stone church in an isolated location or one that’s a stone throw distance from the beach, you will find one.

Final Word

Your wedding day is one of the few special occasions in your life. That is why you need to invest in ensuring it turns out exactly as you envisioned. Planning your wedding in the Cook Islands gives you access to some of the best wedding planners to help your dream come true.

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