Honeymoon in Cook Islands

Wedding plans are never complete without the honeymoon planning. Consequently, when a couple is done with the wedding plans, they have to decide where they want to celebrate their nuptials. In most cases, many couples prefer getting away from their countries and explore the world for this romantic moment in their life. Taking a couple tour to the Cook Islands

s can be the best thing ever. This is why we are going to highlight the top reasons you should select the place.

Welcoming Sandy Beaches

Sandy beaches and ocean views are some of the marvelous things in the world. Cook Islands is located in the South Pacific and is completely surrounded by beaches. The geolocation of the island makes it romantic as the island is filled with coral atolls that surround the lagoons.

The island will create the perfect ambiance for you. The tranquility of the Cook Islands will channel in the amorous moments that will be unending with the sunset watching and evening walks along the beach. In Rarotonga, areas like the Titikaveka has the best sunset spots from the beach resorts in the area.

Prime Climate

Whether you get married during the winter or in the summer, Cook Islands should be your destination for your honeymoon. With the best tropical weather, the island is always warm; hence you can maximize the most out of it. As the island is also known as the Jewel of the Pacific, you can explore different activities like puddle jumping from the main island to Tahiti. Additionally, you can take a couple tour to Muri Beach Lagoon to enjoy the rejuvenating paddleboard yoga sessions.

The favorable weather allows you to scuba dive in the ocean with your partner, allowing you to explore myriads of marine life and different fish species. Scuba diving enables you to explore your diving capabilities and skills in swimming. If you both love diving, this is the best place for you.

The Culture

The position of Cook Islands makes it a tourist attraction and a perfect destination for any getaway because of the enriched culture. Cook Islands is filled with the Polynesian and Kiwi Culture and there are different cuisines and drinks that you can enjoy during your stay. The warm, welcoming hosts at New Zealand’s famous island will make your vacation unforgettable.

Several festivities happen on the island, which are filled with mega entertainment such as remarkable traditional dance shows to watch while you enjoy the nouvelle cuisine.
Such events can be found in different resorts in Aitutaki and Rarotonga.

Before you complete your honeymoon, you can visit the Te Ara Museum on Rarotonga to learn different aspects of the Isles heritage. Moreover, you can get to learn their language, which will ease your interactions and help you more feel at home during the couple tour.

Nature Walks to the Botanical Gardens
As the tropical weather is favorable for the isle, it has led to the growth of different flora and fauna, which make up the beautiful botanical gardens. Surrounded by a variety of species, the plants give the island an exquisite scenery where you can hold your special events. The richness in the colorful plant life creates an ambience just perfect for your honeymoon photos.


During your honeymoon, this could the first or last place you can visit. Aitutaki is a paradise and a dream vacation place for anyone. With the haven being surrounded by the lagoons, it creates a tranquil location. The blue waters around the bay allow you to paddle ride, cruise, snorkel or wind and kite surf. The exclusivity of the oceanfront hotels makes it first-class, enabling you to have an intimate time together. You can get to Aitutaki via flight from the Rarotonga island.

Bottom line

Honeymoons are the most memorable day for any couple. Escaping from reality gives you a chance to explore the world together, making the moments intimate. With that said, I would highly recommend Cook Islands for a preeminent honeymoon.

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