Cook Islands Facts Most Tourists Didn’t Know

Woman in bikini with sarong and straw hat walking on the famous beach of Tapuaetai, a small islet in the south-east of the lagoon of Aitutaki, Cook islands.

The Cook Islands are a South Pacific country formed by a cluster of 15 islands. Ranging from the most beautiful beaches you will ever come across to crystal clear Pacific waters, the destination is surely a paradise on earth. Even better, the islands offer endless fun.

However, most people traveling to this South Pacific country for the first time don’t know much about the island. Remember, lack of enough information about a place you are planning to spend your vacation may deny you the opportunity to exploit its spoils.

This is why you should learn more about the Cook Islands before your long awaited trip. This majestic South Pacific country is home to some of the most beautiful beaches but there’s more to it than that.

Here are some facts that every visitor should know.

1. Rarotonga does not have Tall buildings

One of the most interesting tips about the Cook Islands is that in Rarotonga, the biggest island in the South Pacific country, there is no building that is taller than a coconut tree. Actually, it’s against the laws of Cook Islands to erect a building taller than a palm tree.

This being the case, when in the Rarotonga, you always get a good glimpse of the sky and palms without the interference of high rise buildings. A view that is quite incredible.

2. The South Pacific Country uses New Zealand Dollars as Official currency

It goes without saying that while listing useful tips about a destination, the type of currency used should be on top of your bucket list. In the Cook Islands, the official currency is the New Zealand Dollar. While the South Pacific island has its own currency, the New Zealand Dollar is commonly used.

However, don’t get surprised when you get your change as a mixture of New Zealand Dollars and Cook Islands Dollars. They are both usable and worth the same amount on the island. Always remember you cannot use Cook Islands Dollars in other places outside the islands.

3. The Island is Made of 15 Islands

As we mentioned earlier, the South Pacific country is made of 15 islands, which fall across two regions—the Southern Islands and the Northern Islands. Rarotonga is the biggest, most populous and the main island of the destination.

With the most beautiful beaches and being the main attraction in the Cook Islands, this is where the majority of locals call home. More importantly, the aforementioned island is where most of the commercial activities take place. Amongst the 15 islands, two are uninhabited.

4. Captain Cook Didn’t Discover Rarotonga

Did you know that the Cook Islands are named after a British Explorer named Captain Cook?

The renowned captain was the first explorer who set foot briefly on the uninhabited Atoll and Palmerston. However, the sailor missed one of the main and biggest South Pacific Country island—Rarotonga. This is amongst one the most interesting tips I thought you should know.

5. Rarotonga is Only 32 Kilometers Around

The biggest island in South Pacific country, Rarotonga, which is the home of the most beautiful beaches in the world, is only 32 kilometers around. This makes moving around quite easy. Did you know that it takes only 20 minutes to get anywhere on this Island?

This is great for people who don’t like spending hours trapped in a car. While in the Cook Islands, you will for sure say goodbye to Google Maps, traffic jams, and spending hours stuck in a car.

6. Cook Islands is Amongst the Countries that Encourage People to Smile on their Driver’s License Photo

It may seem hilarious, but in the Cook Islands you are encouraged to smile in your driver’s license photo, and it’s all for good reasons. A smile helps to make someone else’s day. Apart from the Cook Islands’ most beautiful beaches, the South Pacific country is also known for welcoming hospitality and friendliness.

Remember, the next time you visit the Cook Islands, take the smiling Photo driver’s license home with you as a souvenir to remind you of the hospitable paradise. In this South Pacific country, sadness and low spirit will be a thing of the past.

7. There are no Spiders or Snakes in the Rarotonga

That’s right, Rarotonga is not inhibited by spiders or snakes so there is nothing to fear. While the island is the home of sea turtles, goats, whales, pigs, and millions of colorful little fish, you will never come across a spider or a snake. So, there is no doubt this is one of the most encouraging tips about the South Pacific country.

Before Signing Out

The Cook Islands prides itself on the most beautiful beaches and endless activities. The destination is amongst the most coveted tourists’ getaway in the world. Always remember if you want to achieve a perfect vacation in the South Pacific country, try to read the tips discussed above to get a clear picture of the place.

At the Cook Islands, you can never go wrong.

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