Be Prepared and Pack These for Your Next Trip To the Cook Islands

You just made a decision that you are going to spend your next holiday in Cook Islands. You have made all the necessary arrangements and it’s all systems go, but this thought comes to your mind: What do I need to pack?

Be prepared for any adventure that’ll come your way when visiting the Cook Islands. Pack these essential items and make sure you’ll look great in the photos while having the time of your life.

Casual Clothing and Swimming Gear

One thing that every traveler asks themselves before going out is what to wear. The clothing section of your suitcase is very essential. Casual clothing is ideal for wearing around the town center and areas away from the beach in Cook Islands. Swimming gear is almost an obvious pick given the beautiful waters in the area. Residents of Cook Islands are quite traditional and consider wearing swimming gear beyond beaches very inappropriate.

Flip Flops/Jandals

These are among the first things you throw into your suitcase. Jandals, which are also known as flops, are essential kits when vacationing in Cook Islands. The Island has beautiful scenery filled with soft golden sand. This makes flops an ideal footwear given that the sand tends to get a little hot. They are convenient and light, making them an ideal option for the vacation.

Oxybenzone Free Sunblock and Sunglasses

Cook Islands tends to receive a lot of of sunlight and you’ll fancy protecting your eyes during your stay here. A decent sunblock and a good pair of sunglasses are ideal for keeping your eyes from getting strained. They also prevent your skin from getting burnt. Wondering what Oxybenzone is? Well, it is a compound found in sunblocks and is related to coral damage. To ensure that the coral reef is beautiful, go for an oxybenzone free product. Nothing can be irritating like getting burnt a few hours into your trip and suffering consequences for the better part of your holiday. It doesn’t matter which part of the world you come from, you are more likely to find Pacific sun stronger than you thought. So always ensure those sunglasses are on your packing list!


Despite the fact you are more likely going to be wearing jandals most of the time on Cook Islands, there is still need to carry a pair of sneakers. Sneakers are great for long walks on the island because they are thicker and well build to handle tough terrain. Cook Islands walks take you to breathtaking scenery in the vicinity which needs some good shoes like sneakers. You can’t go tracking in jandals, so sneakers remain a perfect option. And when going for the walk, carry some bottled water!

Reef Shoes

Protecting your skin is essential and so is protecting your feet. Reef shoes are an important addition to your packing list. They are ideal when exploring and enjoying the waters of Cook Islands. The Island is surrounded by a beautiful coral reef. If you have been to any reef, you’ll understand that bits of it can break off and be really sharp underfoot. Such flakes can be slippery underfoot and reef shoes have slip resistant bases that help prevent you from falling.

Insect Repellent

This doesn’t mean that Cook Islands is insect infested, but just like any other place, insects come crawling when the sun goes down. Carrying an insect repellent is ideal in keeping the bugs away, ensuring you spend your evening cocktails and strolls without being bothered.

Waterproof Camera/GoPro

As much as witnessing the island life with your own eyes is fun, taking photos of it is equally incredible. A GoPro or Camera that is waterproof or encased in a waterproof housing kit will help you achieve this. These kind of cameras are no longer expensive and you can get them at affordable prices. They produce pretty amazing images and when combined with the beautiful Cook Islands scenery, you can be sure of memorable pictures.

Snorkel Gear

Other than the reef shoes, you will need a snorkel gear in order to explore the coral reef properly. If you forgot to include it on your packing list, then don’t worry because you can still hire a gear on Cook Islands. It is however, much more comfortable when you use your own properly fitted gear. It is a good addition to your suitcase and you won’t regret carrying it!

Drivers License

Cook Islands is a relatively small area that you can drive around within an hour. While there are car rentals and taxis, one of the most amazing experiences is hiring a scooter to move around with. For that to happen, you will need a drivers license. Licenses from countries like New Zealand, USA or Canada are accepted on Cook Islands.

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