Insider Knowledge of Cook Islands

Muri Lagoon at sunrise from an aerial or birds eye view in Rarotonga the main island in the Cook Islandss

Travel Guide: Insider Knowledge of Cook Islands

The discreetly located Cook Islands are a cluster of 15 Islands situated in the southern parts of the Pacific Ocean. They are explicitly located between the French Polynesia and American Samoa and cover approximately 2,000,000 square miles. There are several inhabited Islands with contemporary infrastructure ideal for residence during a hard-earned vacation; for example, Atiu offers the best spot for cave exploration and exciting dives. Our complete travel guide of the Cook Islands includes every essential detail to better experience this paradise, from the best Islands to visit, how to get there and an example Cook Islands itinerary:

Where to visit

The Cook Islands are a lesser know group of the landmass in the South Pacific Ocean that offers a luxurious getaway. Although some of the Islands have residing occupants, some are entirely uninhabited and are thus more expensive to access.

The fifteen Islands stretch from the extreme Northern part of the Ocean to the southern region, where two of the most populated and developed Islands are located. These include the Aitutaki and Rarotonga Islands, which are also the easiest to travel to of the fifteen Islands.

Others include the Atiu, Ma’uke, Manuae, Mitiaro, Pukapuka, Penrhyn and Rakahanga Islands, including many more.

When to go

In summer (Jan-Feb), temperatures are about 29°C and ideal for many activities in the Pacific tropical waters. However, winter (June to August) can still be as pleasant with the highest temperature record being 25°C. Both winter and summer provide a suitable time to visit the Islands.

Nonetheless, these Islands still experience rainy seasons (Dec-April) and dry seasons. Although the rains don’t usually last that long they could be accompanied by life-threatening hurricanes. The Cook Islands, however, experience frequent sunny days, great for outdoor basking.

From June to August, most New Zealanders and Australians take their winter vacations, and things get super busy. So, if you want a relaxing trip, avoid those three months. However, if you like the peak season more, you’ll enjoy this.

Our Cook Islands sample itinerary

The Cook Islands offer a picturesque view of what Mother Nature has to offer. As such, we’ve prepared a model Cook Islands vacation itinerary to help you.

  • Overnight flight to Rarotonga– On landing, Rarotonga offers one of the best spots to get to learn the Island more. There is one big road that loops around the Island and it is excellent for the first time exploring. This is also the time to transfer your accommodation and should not take more than thirty minutes.
  • Spend a few days in Rarotonga– Spend some four to five days in Rarotonga and get to know the place more. Embark on adventurous whale tours around the Island. Also, rent some bikes and have some fun riding.
  • Fly to Aitutaki– This is another excellent destination you don’t want to miss while here. Using Air Rarotonga, it would only take a few minutes before setting foot on this beautiful Island.
  • Spend some days in Aitutaki– While in this magnificent location, take your time to explore the well-hidden caves. This Island also offers one of the best diving spots in the whole Cook Islands.
  • Take a flight back to Rarotonga– If your vacation is limited to a particular stint, consider going back to Rarotonga and book a flight back home. However, if you still have some cash to spend, stay in Aitutaki and enjoy yourself more. I would recommend waiting for 2-3 days before deciding to leave.

How to get to the Cook Islands

Many booking companies can get you there and here is a list of our favorite ones based on consistent deals, world-class customer experience provision and value. You can use them as the starting points in your hunt for excellent travel deals.

  • Momondo
  • Skyscanner
  • AirbnbHostelworld
  • Courchsurfing

There are several other offers, which provide great deals. To ensure maximum security, though, consider purchasing proper travel insurance, which protects you from theft, cancellations and more.


The Cook Islands are a paradise on earth and many booking resources are available to help you plan a vacation soon. There are a wide assortment of activities to engage in like bike renting, whale tours, diving, cave exploring and many more. Although the Islands are numerous, only a few offer a practical location to spend a vacation. However, while in your trip, pack your essentials in a comfy, light front-loading bag pack that will easily fit in the overhead bin inside the plane.

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